What We Do and What We Don't Do!

As a charitable trust, Rising Brook Writers is committed to encouraging adult learning and is administered by a Board of Trustees.



The charity's service users, (local people Over 50 who support the aims of the charity and FRIENDS of RBW who are younger writers), are a willing band numbering around 70 published - self-published - web-published and unpublished authors - playwriters - poets - bloggers - journalists - feature writers - biographers - editors etc . . . and those who simply enjoy creative writing as a means of self-expression.  No experience is necessary to join in the fun.

Trustees have important roles in delivering the aims of the charity. All accept writing is not a hobby, or a job, rather it is a consuming passion for which there is no cure.  There is something for everyone: the charity provides opportunities for all types of writing: plays/scripts/poems/stories etc.



(above graphic from INSIDE OUT RBW 2010 poetry collection)

In 2009 RBW was thrilled when the renowned poet IAN McMILLAN accepted an invitation to be the first PATRON of the charity:

IM Adrian Mealing palm 1.3MB WEB.jpg

Photo credit A. Mealing


Click here to see what organisations who have worked with RBW have to say about the experience.

RBW operates a weekly online bulletin click here to see what our workshop contributors have produced for the Friday email bulletin. (Poems, stories, articles, blogs etc)

RBW Touring Workshop Co-ordinators have probably the most challenging work programme to deliver.  Below are a few of the places RBW have visited with our touring workshops programme over recent years:-

Bradbury House
(Picture: Bradbury House - Last Stop On The Workshop Tour - Nov 06)

In 2007 rolled out a new and exciting new format for our touring workshops with more opportunities for workshop participants to see their works being published. This was developed further during 2008 by the publication of the first book in the Stafford Remembers series.

RBW Touring Creative Writing Workshops in Action in Summer 2006
RBW Touring Creative Writing Workshops in Action in Summer 2006

New writers are always welcome. No experience is necessary. Age is no barrier at RBW. All Over 50s with an interest in creative writing are welcomed.

Rising Brook Writers WRITE . . . and PERFORM . . .and go on TOUR . .

Why? What’s so good about creative writing?

It has been recognised in psychological research that there are therapeutic mental health and well-being benefits associated with creative writing especially for senior citizens.

Creative writing appears to positively affect self-esteem through the freedom of self-expression. It can aid cognitive memory skills – in lay terms as one gets older it’s better to ‘use it than lose it’ creatively speaking.

As an imaginative group activity in a social setting creative writing can be a positive stimulus towards learning and sharing new skills particularly to do with computers and the internet. It's also a good giggle.

Over the past years RBW writers have been using the internet for communication and research. Some have been on Desk Top Publishing courses and have built four websites as well as designing posters and press releases. RBW design the anthologies as well as write them.

If we say it ourselves the standard being attained is remarkable.

A few recent achievements by our writers:

    Two RBW writers had their plays short-listed by the Regent Theatre, Stoke on Trent and were Highly Commended and rehearsed on stage at the Victoria Hall Hanley

  • Two writers have had plays performed by Etruria Cafe Theatre and YellowDog Theatre. Seven writers have had their plays rehearsed by professional actors and an artistic director in an all day Drama Workshop for stage writing.
  • One of our senior writers was offered a publishing contract for their auto-biography of life growing up in Chester during WW11.
  • One writer has had several pieces of their work web-published on external sites and has now attracted an agent.
  • One writer has had a comedy play performed in Australia.
  • One won a UK national poetry competition prize in Jan 2008 and was a finalist in an international poetry competition.
  • All our writers have the opportunity to be web and hard copy published – and to have their work lodged in the British Library as a result of the anthologies being hard copy published.

SO is it all work, work, work then?

NO!!! Here we are having a laugh in May 2008 fundraising:-

Great thing, a gazebo, if it rains . . . and it did!!

RBW also go on research field trips – we have been on a behind the scenes tour of the Magistrates’ Court and sat in the public gallery in the Crown Court on three occasions to familiarise our crime writers on court procedure. In 2006 a team were privileged to go on a top to toe tour of the Ancient High House as part of our research into the paranormal in preparation for the 2007 anthology - Tales Of The Supernatural.

Open publication - Free publishing - More ghostly tales

The Junction Inn at Norbury was the destination for our December 2006 psychic research field trip . . . Parties from RBW also attended experimental and café theatre productions put on by the Etruria Café Theatre, YellowDog Theatre and Helix Productions.

Here we are slogging away - well, somebody has to . . .

October 2008: Here we are celebrating National Poetry Day by holding a Live Poetry Performance session in Rising Brook Library.  Staffordshire Introspective was our first poetry collection. Click group photo to go to the Audio Poetry Page

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 Front Cover Introspective Scan.jpg