WELCOME to Rising Brook Writers' fiction project for 2010 - 2011.

The farce, Fare Deal, was launched at The Royal Oak on 13th December 2010 with a celebration lunch for contributors and Carers. The project was supported by SCC Your Library Service and Staffordshire Community Foundation. SCF also support the charity's online e-bulletin service for those unable to travel.

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Some of the contributors and project supporters are pictured below:

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The annual fiction project is produced by email contributions - a bit like doing a literary jigsaw when the picture on the box keeps changing.
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The finished story is edited and proofed by contributors who take part in all publication processes.

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The finished story is recorded and donated to charity broadcasters e.g. talking newsletters for the blind and hospital radio.

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FARE DEAL REVIEWED by Author Simon Whaley

  "As someone who enjoys traditional British Farce, this was right up my street!"

  "I'm happy to pay for a book that I enjoyed reading!"


Fare Deal is the story of rival cab companies, a fairy-costume-wearing vicar, Vera and Gloria and their 'personal services' establishment, and the wedding of the year in Trentby. It's a traditional British farce, with some great moments in it.

What makes this slightly different, is that this book has been written by several members of Rising Brook Writers, a voluntary charitable trust writing group who meet weekly in Stafford's Rising Brook library. Writers aged between 50 and 90, would add to the story each week, using email. It's a great effort and an enjoyable read.


Simon Whaley is a full-time, freelance writer and tutor for the Writers Bureau correspondence course. He is the author of nine books including the bestselling 100 Ways for a Dog to Train its Human, which has sold over 216,000 copies, and hundreds of articles. His articles have been published in the UK and USA, and his short stories have been published in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Link: www.simonwhaley.co.uk

The audio tracks are free to download.
(Work in progress more tracks will be added as they are recorded and edited - this will take a while. For a change several of our writers will take turns in reading the tracks.) 
If your chuckle muscles can stand it ... to hear the hilarious finale of the story CLICK HERE to hear Track 51 onwards wading through layers of mayhem towards the farcical ending. (Work in progress ... more tracks are added each week.)