A day of plays and poetry. 4th June 2011 at the Gatehouse Theatre Complex

In three distinct sessions, 'Still Waters' the 2011 poetry collection was launched
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and five plays penned by RBW workshop participants were rehearsed by actors from Rotten Park Road Theatre Company, Lynne Payne and Patrick McConnell, under the direction of international actor and director, Larry Rew (Avatar, Lord of the Rings, Underworld 3) and the stage writing coach, novelist and lecturer, Phil Emery.
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Plays in rehearsal were: Small Blessings, James Anthony; Lost in Space, Liz Whitehouse; Birds and Bees and Things, Clive Hewitt; Trust, Yazz Lewis and Type Casting, Alice Schofield.

1) Small Blessings, James Anthony. Scene Care Home - father and daughter in strained conversation

2) Lost in Space, Liz Whitehouse. Scene Nose Cone of Rocket, two astronauts in frank conversation

3) Birds and Bees and Things, Clive Hewitt. Scene country pub, two yokels in surreal conversation

4) Trust, Yazz Lewis. Scene regression therapist's consulting room, at risk patient undergoes therapy 

5) Type Casting,  Alice Scofield. Scene North country kitchen, family tensions between niece and overbearing aunt

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