- 2012

Staffordshire County Council Wellbeing Fund is supporting Rising Brook Writers

Open publication - Free publishing - More memories

RBW recorded memories in senior citizen organisations and groups across the North Staffs area. These memories were transcribed into text and a book was produced - as well as a free e-book. The resultant stories were recorded as MP3 tracks and uploaded on to this website during 2012.

Groups taking part were ....
Penkridge PACE 1 and 2
Sidney Avenue Seniors Group
Hall Close, Monday Club
Trinity Day Centre Tuesday and Friday Groups Holmcroft
Stone Kitchener Day Centre
Eccleshall Seniors Group
Colwich: Dobree Close Sheltered Housing Centre
Shakespeare Road Senior Residents' Group

Colwich October 2011 : Recording memories October 18th 2011

SAM_0526 WEB.jpg  SAM_0516  WEB.jpg
SAM_0520 WEB.jpg

SAM_0521 WEB.jpg  SAM_0524  WEB.jpg

 Eccleshall Workshop Recording Memories :  Monday 24th October 201

DSCN4597 WEB.jpg  DSCN4599 WEB.jpg  DSCN4600 WEB.jpg
DSCN4601 WEB.jpg  Eccleshall Record WEB.jpg

Below: Shakespeare Road Seniors Group Recording  November 2011
SAM_0528 WEB.jpg  SAM_0530 WEB.jpg  SAM_0529 WEB.jpg
Below: Hall Close Monday Club Recording Memories Monday 7th November 2011

WEB lady with poppy.jpg  SAM_0551 WEB.jpg
SAM_0552 WEB.jpg  SAM_0549 WEB.jpg

Below : Trinity Day Centre Friday 4th November 2011 & Tuesday 22nd Nov 2011

SAM_0548 WEB.jpg  SAM_0545 WEB.jpg

SAM_0543 WEB.jpg  SAM_0542 WEB.jpg
SAM_0596 WEB.jpg  SAM_0600 WEB.jpg

Kitchener Centre Stone Tuesday 15th November 2011
SAM_0569 WEB.jpg  SAM_0565 WEB.jpg
SAM_0571 WEB.jpg  SAM_0572 WEB.jpg

Below: PACE Groups 1 & 2 Haling Dene Centre Penkridge Recording memories 18.11.11

SAM_0582 WEB.jpg  SAM_0584 WEB.jpg
SAM_0594 WEB.jpg  SAM_0591 WEB.jpg
SAM_0589 WEB.jpg  SAM_0587 WEB.jpg
SAM_0585 WEB.jpg

Below :  Sidney Avenue Seniors Centre - Friday 6th January 2012
SAM_0634 WEB.jpg  SAM_0632 WEB.jpg
SAM_0630 WEB.jpg  SAM_0627 WEB.jpg
SAM_0625 WEB.jpg

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